Is Missouri a 50 50 State for Child Custody title

Is Missouri a 50-50 State for Child Custody?

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All You Need to Know About Missouri Child Custody Laws

Will I have a good chance at child custody? What is the cost of divorce? These are two of the most common inquiries from parents going through a divorce.

Here are the answers to the common questions concerning child custody and ease your search for a child custody lawyer in Springfield, Missouri.


Missouri Custody Laws: What Are They, Why Are They Important, and How Do They Work?

Parent and guardian custody is the legal and practical relationship between them and the child they are responsible for. Child custody allows you to make core decisions regarding a child’s life and well-being. Missouri law grants an equal opportunity to both parents to obtain joint legal custody or sole custody.

However, it is not guaranteed that the child’s parents will get equal custody after a Springfield divorce or separation. Judges make decisions in the interest of the child.

The judge will consider the evidence and several factors, including:

  • Each parent’s capability to give child support
  • The child’s adjustment to each parent’s household and neighborhood
  • Each parent’s well-being, including physical and mental
  • A child’s desires or wishes

What Is the Difference Between Joint Custody and Physical Custody?

The concept of custody can be defined by a two-fold component: legal and physically secured responsibilities. A shared legal custody arrangement allows parents to exercise decision-making powers on matters pertaining to their own welfare. 

If the courts don’t allow a parent the right to choose the subject, the parent has the power to decide it in their own way. Physical custody involves a relationship of significant length between the parents and children, which is not necessarily the same.


How Does the State of Missouri Consider a Parent as Being “Unfit” for Joint Custody or Sole Legal Custody?

In Missouri, “if a parent has abused, neglected, or failed to properly care for the kid, they may be judged unsuitable. A parent with a mental illness or a drug or alcohol addiction may also be deemed unfit to be a parent.”

What Does the State of Missouri Consider to Be an Unfit Home for Children?

A home is deemed unfit if: 

  • A parent refuses to meet their child’s essential requirements like food, hygiene, and shelter

  •  A parent is exposing their child or children to pornographic content of any kind

  •  A parent who is reluctant to get their child the necessary medical care for them to recover from an illness

  •  A parent who prevents their child from receiving an education is regarded as unfit

  • A parent who has a history of child abuse


How Do You Prove You Are the Better Parent to the Judge?

You should focus your attention on the physical and emotional health of your children if you want to win child custody rights. 

Above all, you should seek child custody lawyers to represent you appropriately.

Things to avoid During a Court’s Process of Deciding Who Should Be Awarded Legal Custody?

During the custody agreement period, you may want to avoid the following:

  • Neither parent should get into a heated argument with the other adult party or, more importantly, the children you are fighting for custody of

  • Keep your criticisms to yourself unless you are speaking to a certified therapist who has an obligation to maintain your confidentiality.

  • During this period, don’t neglect to pay child support.

During the child custody process, it is essential to seek guidance and help from a family law & divorce attorney in Springfield.


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