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Mediation & Dispute Resolution Springfield MO

If you’re in a dispute that you don’t know how to solve, call Masterson Law. Summer is certified by the Washington University/Missouri State University Family and Civil Mediation program and here to help you.

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Certified Dispute Resolution

Masterson-Goethals has completed the Washington University/Missouri State University 40-hour Family and Civil Mediation program. She is uniquely qualified and skilled at finding successful outcomes for all parties involved.

Avoid the Courts

One of the major benefits of mediation is avoiding a long and expensive court process. We help parties come to their own agreements and move on so you can get back to your life quickly. Call today to learn about your options.

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You may already be preparing for a long court battle, but there could be another way. Masterson Law can you help you find alternative options that meet your needs, but won’t bog you down in time and emotional capital.

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“It’s amazing what can happen when a neutral party joins the discussion, let’s explore the possibilities.”

Summer Masterson-Goethals, Dispute Resolution Springfield MO, Masterson Law

Working with an experienced mediator can help the parties resolve all of the issues without the need for a trial, which also saves time and expense. Summer Masterson-Goethals has the training and experience to help you resolve your dispute quicker and more cost-effectively than you might think possible. Whether it’s a troublesome contract, juvenile issue, real estate issue, general business problem, or lender/borrower disagreement, Masterson Law can help.

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Some consumer and civil appointments require a discounted fee of $80 for a 30 minute consult.

Dispute Resolution Springfield MO

Dispute Resolution Springfield MO: Mediation

Mediation in Springfield, MO is another form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This process typically brings two or more parties together, along with a third party, the mediator, to assist in a negotiation and bring closure to a dispute.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Springfield MO

ADR or alternative dispute resolution in Springfield, MO refers to any type of alternative means of settling a dispute outside of the courtroom. The benefits of engaging in this process are clear, the speed of resolution and cost. While it’s not a fit for every situation, there are many applications for ADR. Consulting an ADR specialist, like Summer Masterson-Goethals can help you save you precious time and money, while also providing peace of mind.

Dispute Resolution Center Springfield MO

Summer Masterson-Goethals received her training in alternative dispute resolution from the Center for Dispute Resolution at Missouri State University and Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The joint program gave her the training and expertise necessary to help parties of all kinds find common ground in difficult situations. Let her put this experience to work for you.

Dispute Resolution Springfield MO: Mediation Services

Masterson Law provides prompt, affordable, and effective mediation services in Springfield, MO. Summer Masterson-Goethals is a certified dispute resolution specialist with a great deal of experience finding successful outcomes for her clients. Masterson Law provides initial consultations to those interested in dispute resolution proceedings and is encouraged to call today to schedule.

Dispute Resolution Attorney Springfield MO

A great asset of Masterson Law is that you get the best of both worlds. Summer Masterson-Goethals is a dispute resolution attorney in Springfield, MO, who has significant experience in the courtroom but is also a certified ADR specialist. In the event that you do need a divorce attorney Springfield MO, we have you covered as well.

Dispute Resolution Springfield MO: Arbitration Lawyer

An arbitration attorney might just be the perfect solution to your pesky problem that has no resolution in sight. Arbitration is a form alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and provides an outlet to get solve your dispute without involving the courts. If you are involved in a dispute, consider speaking with an arbitration specialist like Summer Masterson-Goethals.

Dispute Resolution Springfield MO: Certified ADR Specialist

Summer Masterson-Goethals is a certified ADR specialist in Springfield, MO. Masterson-Goethals received her certification from the Washington University/Missouri State Family and Civil Mediation Program.

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Summer Masterson-Goethals is a Springfield Business Journal Top 40 Under 40 recipient.

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Dispute Resolution Springfield MO:
Frequently Asked Questions:

What is alternative dispute resolution?

Mediation is the most common form of ADR. Mediation is where the parties meet with a neutral third party who helps them focus on the issues that need to be resolved and work together to find a solution that everyone can agree on. Mediation is not binding. An agreement will be reduced to a writing at the end of the mediation and the parties’ attorneys can then prepare a settlement agreement that reflects the intent of everyone.

How much does alternative dispute resolution cost?

My hourly rate for mediation is $150/hr. Rates may differ for family law, divorces, landlord, business litigation, and consumer law.

What is the purpose of alternative dispute resolution?

The purpose is to avoid a trial and come to a mutually agreeable solution.

Are alternative dispute resolution decisions final?

They are not binding, should some issue arise that was unknown to the parties at the time of mediation. The court’s do not look favorably on parties who back out of mediation agreements unless facts become known after the mediation that changes the parties’ position.

What is alternative dispute resolution most used for?

Any type of case can be a good candidate for mediation. If there is a history of domestic violence between the parties, those situations require that special precautions be in place in order to prevent one person from feeling the undue influence of another.

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