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Representation of landlords in eviction proceedings, as well as advice on general duties and obligations.

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We can help you resolve eviction proceedings and general obligations efficiently and effectively so you can get back to business with as little financial strain as possible. We understand how costly an eviction can be, especially when you have already not been paid rent.

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You may have heard of other law firms too busy to take their client calls, that’s not Masterson Law. Summer prides herself on her commitment to timely communication with clients and transparent pricing. Summer is happy to provide references as a testament to her responsiveness.


Masterson-Goethals has significant experience in civil and criminal jury trials, bench trials, and appellate representation. No matter the stakes, she is ready to defend your rights to the fullest. Our firm prepares every case as though it’s going to trial so we’re ready for any outcome.

“We work as quickly as possible to move the case through court to give you a judgment and return the property back to you.”

Summer Masterson-Goethals, Landlord Lawyer Springfield MO

I work with landlords to advise them on their rights and help them consider important factors in who they rent their property to. I have spoken at a local landlord group lunch and provided expertise to the Missouri Bar as a speaker for continuing legal education.

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Landlord Lawyer Springfield MO: Eviction Proceedings

As a landlord, eviction proceedings in Springfield, MO are likely the last thing you want to spend your time on. We understand that and work as quickly as possible to move the case through the legal system so that you can get a judgment and gain the property back. We also understand the financial impact these situations place on you as a landlord and work hard to minimize legal costs associated with these proceedings.

Landlord Lawyer Springfield MO: Rental and Lease Agreements

You can certainly download boilerplate rental and lease agreements for free off the Internet, but we always recommend consulting a specialist in order to avoid problems down the road. Masterson Law already provides retained counsel for a number of property and development groups in Springfield to great effect and can support your organization too.

Landlord Lawyer Springfield MO: Repairs and Maintenance

Understanding your general obligations as a landlord such as repairs and maintenance can be confusing and it pays to have the counsel of an experienced attorney. An ounce of preparation is worth its weight in gold down the road because let’s face it, life has problems. Summer Masterson-Goethals can provide acute or ongoing guidance on repair and maintenance obligations with regard to Missouri law and advise you so that you’re firmly set for the future. No matter your legal issue, we are here to help. Masterson Law is a general practice firm with a focus on family law, divorce, consumer law, and dispute resolution.

Missouri State Laws & Resources for Springfield Landlords

Landlord laws in Missouri are constantly changing and even if you’re a dedicated landlord, you may not be aware of how they affect your business. Additionally, there may be resources available that you are unaware of. As an experienced landlord lawyer in Springfield MO, Masterson Law can help you decipher the state laws of Missouri as they relate to your property business and connect you with the resources you need to succeed.

Fair Housing Laws According to a Landlord Attorney

The federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the federal Fair Housing Act Amendments Act of 1988 cover housing discrimination on the basis of the following protected categories: race or color, religion, national origin, and familial status or age. As with any legislation, there is a great amount of detail involved with this and how it might relate to your business as a landlord. Masterson Law can help ensure that you are fully compliant and provide legal counsel if a situation arises that involves the court system.

Summer Masterson-Goethals is a Springfield Business Journal Top 40 Under 40 recipient.

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Springfield Landlord Issues: FAQs

Do I have grounds to terminate lease?

To terminate a lease, it must be breached or expired. If someone doesn’t follow through on any of their written obligations under the terms of the lease, that is ground for breach.

Can subletting invoke lease cancellation?

Yes, if your lease says that it can.

Is Landlord required to pay tenant to vacate property?

No. Only if the landlord is requiring the tenant to vacate the property due to no fault of the tenant, meaning, no breach of the lease agreement.

What’s the law in regards to deposits?

Deposits must be returned to the tenant or the landlord must provide the tenant a written explanation of the damage/repair that was required when the tenant moved out. This would be beyond normal wear and tear.

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