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Hiring a Child Support Enforcement Lawyer in Springfield, MO

In Missouri, child support is ordered to coordinate payment for children’s primary care between divorced or unmarried parents. These payments are usually made by non-custodial parents to custodial parents and are designed to guarantee that both parents bear the monetary duty of raising their kids.

While most people who are ordered to make such payments comply, some fall into arrears. This might be by choice or due to circumstances outside of the parent’s control, such as job loss or income change. No matter the cause, it can be aggravating and even financially devastating to both parties when a parent owing assistance stops working to fulfill those responsibilities.

If this occurs, the parent receiving support has numerous legal choices available to enforce child support orders and gather past-due payments. The parent making payments also has options to help them get caught up on their revenues and avoid criminal charges. Below, the family law experts at Masterson Law provide an overview of child support enforcement in Springfield, MO, including the authorities and other state agencies that may be involved and the actions they can take against you or on your behalf.

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Missouri Child Support Enforcement Laws

A violation of a family court order can lead to high-stakes enforcement proceedings. Whether you’re on the paying or receiving end of child support in MO, the family law attorneys at Masterson Law can help protect your rights in child support enforcement, Springfield MO procedures, and other enforcement matters.

In Missouri, it is a criminal offense for a parent to purposefully stop paying appropriate support for a child the parent has been legally ordered to support. A parent might have a defense if they can reveal good cause regarding why they failed to pay child support services in Missouri. A good cause might include illness, incapacitation, or any other considerable reason outside the parent’s control.

If you’re wondering how far behind you are in child support before jail in Missouri, the answer is subjective, but the longer your support goes unpaid, the more likely the possibility of jail time becomes.

Criminal nonsupport might be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. A misdemeanor brings a sentence of as much as 12 months in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,000. Nonsupport might be charged as a felony if the overall balance due remains over an aggregate of 12 regular monthly payments due under a court order. A felony brings a sentence of as much as four years in prison and/or a fine of as much as $10,000.

Therefore, it is crucial to employ knowledgeable legal representation that can deal with both the civil and criminal law elements of this type of case.

At Masterson Law, our primary practice is in family law, and we’ve helped countless families throughout the State of Missouri find a child support solution that works for everyone. With a further background in criminal cases, we are prepared to develop an effective defense strategy if your civil case involves the possibility of criminal charges.

We understand the complex nature of child support cases and are committed to helping you address any issue that might arise. Our modest fees are designed to provide quality legal representation without breaking the bank.

When you choose Masterson Law for your child support, you get the advantage of a team that is both caring and experienced. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to arrange a consultation.

Missouri Child Support Enforcement Laws

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Missouri Division of Child Support Enforcement

If you are facing child support issues in Missouri, the Family Support Division will likely work to enforce your support order. Under the Missouri Department of Social Services and the Family Support Division (FSD), Missouri’s Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) works for custodial parents and their kids when the noncustodial parent does not make the needed child support payments according to the court’s orders. 

Among the services supplied by the Family Support Division and the DCSE are locating parents who have been ordered to pay assistance, determining the paternity of a child conceived out of wedlock, assisting in the collection and disbursement of child support payments, as well as establishing, monitoring, enforcing, reviewing, and modifying child support orders. 

Missouri Child Support Enforcement Office Springfield MO

If you believe you or your child’s noncustodial parent may fall back on child support payments, your first point of contact should be the Missouri Division of Child Support Enforcement. The Missouri Child Support Enforcement Office in Springfield, MO, is located at 1410 S Kansas Expy # 100, Springfield, MO 65807. The office is open Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 5:30 PM.

Missouri Child Support Enforcement Phone Number

Alternatively, you can call the Missouri Child Support Enforcement Office in Springfield, MO, with any questions. The Missouri Child Support Enforcement phone number is (417) 895-6338. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you can reach the Missouri Department of Social Services by calling the toll-free TTY 800-735-2966 Relay Missouri or the Missouri 711 hotline.

However, if you or your child’s noncustodial parent has fallen significantly behind on child support payments, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to explore your options. You are not alone in this fight ⁠— Masterson Law is here to help.

Missouri Division of Child Support Enforcement

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Procedures for Child Support Enforcement Springfield Missouri

The Family Support Division and the family courts of Missouri have a selection of powerful tools they can utilize to gather payment from parents with past-due child support balances. These tools include, but are not limited to:

  • Withholding income from the paying parent from sources like earnings, wages, bonuses, and unemployment benefits to pay any past-due child support.

  • Obstructing the paying parent’s state and federal tax returns and lottery payouts and applying them to any balance due.

  • Ordering the parent’s employer to register the child or children in a healthcare plan and bill the parent for the premiums if a paying parent fails to supply court-ordered medical insurance for a child.

  • Reporting parents with arrearages to the credit bureaus.

  • Submitting liens against houses, land, and other property such as vehicles. The liens will not be released until the paying parent catches up on all balances due. 

  • Suspending the paying parent’s driver’s license, professional license, and/or recreational license.

  • Contacting other states to ensure that the parent still pays the owed child support for Missouri if a paying parent moves to another state.

  • Submitting a legal action called “contempt” will require the paying parent to go to court and explain to a judge why assistance hasn’t been paid on time. FSD can also refer cases for criminal prosecution.

As you can see, Missouri takes failure to pay child support very seriously. Contact a family law attorney at Masterson Law today to avoid having these enforcement actions taken against you and devise a child support laws solution that works in your and your children’s favor.

Procedures for Child Support Enforcement Springfield Missouri

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MO Child Support Enforcement Payment Info

If you’re a parent who pays child support, you should make it your top monetary objective to stay up-to-date with your child support responsibility. You do not wish to fall under arrears and have the FSD coming after you.

If you believe you may fall back, contact FSD or a family law attorney for recommendations about changing your payments and settling your arrearages. The worst thing you can do is let balances due accumulate until FSD takes harsh enforcement actions against you. When that occurs, fixing the damage to your finances and record is much more challenging.

If you are ordered to pay child support in the State of Missouri, you can make a payment in several ways, including:

How to Receive Missouri Child Support Enforcement Payment

On the other hand, if you’re a parent on the receiving end of child support payments, you must comprehend all the enforcement actions that FSD can take against a parent who’s stopped making their payments.

Comprehending the Missouri child support laws and the choices available to you will prepare you to take action to ensure that your kids are financially supported and have what they need to grow and thrive. Masterson Law can inform you of your options and help you follow the correct procedures to collect your past-due child support in Missouri.

MO Child Support Enforcement Payment Info

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Unlike many other cases, family law matters are not always concluded after the final appeal. Continuing court participation might be needed when altered scenarios or legal concerns occur, such as failure to pay child support.

The family law attorneys at Masterson Law handle not just the initial procedures for child custody and divorce in Springfield, MO; we also represent clients dealing with enforcement concerns down the road. Using years of legal experience in the family law realm, we know how to navigate these problems with a results-oriented focus.

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When facing child support enforcement issues, time is of the essence. When you choose Masterson Law to represent you, we will put our significant experience and resources to work. The sooner we evaluate your case, the sooner we can develop a strategy for your unique situation.

When we work on child support cases, we stick to the root of the issue: the well-being of the children. Our top priority is finding a solution that leads to the best possible outcome for everyone involved and ensures that your children are cared for.

Child support enforcement cases can be messy, but with the proper representation, yours doesn’t have to be. Make the right call and contact us today. There is no charge for the preliminary consultation, and your only responsibility is the one you owe to yourself and your family to acquire the best representation possible.

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