Legislative Information

Consolidated Laws
ABP Abandoned Property
AGM Agriculture & Markets
ABC Alcoholic Beverage Control
ACG Alternative County Government
ACA Arts and Cultural Affairs
BNK Banking
BVO Benevolent Orders
BSC Business Corporation
CAL Canal
CVP Civil Practice Law & Rules
CVR Civil Rights
CVS Civil Service
CCO Cooperative Corporations
COR Correction
CNT County
CPL Criminal Procedure
DCD Debtor & Creditor
DOM Domestic Relations
COM Economic Development Law
EDN Education
ELD Elder
ELN Election
EDP Eminent Domain Procedure
EML Employers' Liability
ENG Energy
ENV Environmental Conservation
EPT Estates, Powers & Trusts
EXC Executive
FIS Financial Services Law
GAS General Associations
GBS General Business
GCT General City
GCN General Construction
GMU General Municipal
GOB General Obligations
HAY Highway
IND Indian
ISC Insurance
JUD Judiciary
LAB Labor
LEG Legislative
LIE Lien
LLC Limited Liability Company Law
LFN Local Finance
MHY Mental Hygiene
MIL Military
MDW Multiple Dwelling
MRE Multiple Residence
MHR Municipal Home Rule
NAV Navigation
PPD New York State Printing and Public Documents
NPC Not-For-Profit Corporation
PAR Parks, recreation and historic preservation
PTR Partnership
PEN Penal
PEP Personal Property
PVH Private Housing Finance
PBA Public Authorities
PBB Public Buildings
PBH Public Health
PBG Public Housing
PBL Public Lands
PBO Public Officers
PBS Public Service
PML Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law
RRD Railroad
RAT Rapid Transit
RPP Real Property
RPA Real Property Actions & Proceedings
RPT Real Property Tax
RCO Religious Corporations
RSS Retirement & Social Security
REL Rural Electric Cooperative
SCC Second Class Cities
SOS Social Services
SWC Soil & Water Conservation Districts
STL State
SAP State Administrative Procedure Act
STF State Finance
STT State Technology
SLG Statute of Local Governments
TWN Town
TRA Transportation
TCP Transportation Corporations
UCC Uniform Commercial Code
VAT Vehicle & Traffic
VIL Village
VAW Volunteer Ambulance Workers' Benefit
VOL Volunteer Firefighters' Benefit
WKC Workers' Compensation
Unconsolidated Laws
BSW Boxing, Sparring and Wrestling Ch. 912/20
BAT Bridges and Tunnels New York/New Jersey 47/31
CCT Cigarettes, Cigars, Tobacco 235/52
TRY City of Troy Issuance of Serial Bonds
DEA Defense Emergency Act 1951 784/51
DPN Development of Port of New York 43/22
ETP Emergency Tenant Protection Act 576/74
EHC Expanded Health Care Coverage Act 703/88
FEA NYS Financial Emergency Act for the city of NY 868/75
NYP NYS Project Finance Agency Act7/75
YFA Yonkers financial emergency act 103/84
YTS Yonkers income tax surcharge
FDC Facilities Development Corporation Act 359/68
GCM General City Model 772/66
LEH Local Emergency Housing Rent Control Act 21/62
ERL Emergency Housing Rent Control Law 274/46 337/61
LSA Lost and Strayed Animals 115/1894
MCF Medical Care Facilities Finance Agency 392/73
NYW N. Y. wine/grape 80/85
HHC New York City health and hospitals corporation act 1016/69
PCM Police Certain Municipalities 360/11
PNY Port of New York Authority 154/21
POA Port of Albany 192/25
PAB Private Activity Bond 47/90
RLA Regulation of Lobbying Act 1040/81
SNH Special Needs Housing Act 261/88
SCT Suffolk County Tax Act
TSF Tobacco Settlement Financing Corporation Act
UDG Urban development guarantee fund of New York 175/68
UDA Urban Development Corporation Act 174/68
UDR Urban development research corporation act 173/68
NNY New, New York Bond Act 649/92
Court Acts
CTC Court of Claims
FCT Family Court
CCA New York City Civil Court
CRC New York City Criminal Court
SCP Surrogate's Court Procedure
UCT Uniform City Court
UDC Uniform District Court
UJC Uniform Justice Court
CMA Assembly Rules
CMS Senate Rules
CNS Constitution (A#S#)
ADC New York City Administrative Code(NEW)
NYC New York City Charter