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Domestic Partnership: Missouri Laws, Requirements, & More

If you live with your same-sex or opposite-sex partner and seek the same benefits enjoyed by married couples, your relationship may be recognized as a domestic partnership in Missouri. However, only a select few Missouri cities recognize domestic partnerships. Learn more here.

The Basics of Domestic Partnership Missouri

Domestic partnerships are almost indistinguishable from a civil union. It’s a relationship between an unmarried couple of same-sex or opposite sex, who live together in a committed personal relationship and would like to pursue the same economic and non-economic benefits their married counterparts enjoy.

The State of Missouri doesn’t acknowledge the idea of a domestic partner. However, some cities do. One such city is St. Louis. 

Though not equivalent, registering for a domestic partnership with a city’s domestic partnership registry is similar to getting a marriage certificate. In essence, it gives domestic partners a chance to enjoy some of the benefits and rights granted to married couples.


Who Qualifies For Domestic Partnership In Missouri?

For a partnership to be qualified as a domestic partnership, the two individuals should have attained 18 years of age, have an intimate relationship, live together for the most prolonged period, and have agreed to be jointly responsible for living expenses incurred during the domestic partnership.

Domestic Partnership Missouri The Basics

What Constitutes Domestic Partnership In Missouri?

A domestic partnership can be defined as an intimate relationship between two individuals who reside together and share an ordinary domestic life but are not legally considered married by the state in which the domestic partners reside. The partnership usually comprises two people of either the same sex or the opposite sex.


What Is Considered Domestic Partnership In Missouri?

In St. Louis, Missouri, partners of the same sex can be considered domestic partners when they meet the following qualifications. Both partners have lived together for a long time in St. Louis city, share a committed relationship, are registered as partners, and are not married, blood-related, or in a civil union. The requirements are similar in other Missouri cities that allow domestic partnerships.

What Constitutes Domestic Partnership In Missouri

Learn About Missouri Domestic Partnership Law

Domestic partnerships are very much similar to marriage but with lesser and usually fewer concrete legal benefits and protections. Several rules govern domestic partnerships. Here is what you need to know about domestic partnerships laws.


Domestic Partnership Laws In Missouri

In St. Louis city, domestic partners are obliged to adhere to the domestic partnership laws below if any issue arises.

If a long-term partnership ends, it’s often possible to dissolve the relationship. Under Missouri domestic partnerships laws, it’s possible to establish a fair distribution of property for both partners. If there are children in a same-sex domestic relationship, family law attorneys can help establish their custody. If you need clarification on any issue, feel free to consult our trusted divorce lawyers for more information and assistance.

For a domestic partnership to be legally recognized, the partners need to register their union with the government, having met the desired requirements to obtain and be guaranteed benefits such as visitation rights, parental leave, and adoption benefits.

Missouri Domestic Partnership Law

What Are the Requirements For Domestic Partnership In Missouri?

The domestic partnership registry is a record of registered domestic partners, whether the relationship is of the same sex or the opposite sex in St. Louis. This registry is protected under city ordinances. 

Domestic partners must be in a committed relationship and meet various requirements to be registered at the city register’s office and obtain a certificate to attest their status.

  • Both partners should be 18 years of age or older.
  • They should not be blood-related to each other in a way that would bar marriage in the state of Missouri.
  • Both partners should have a close and personal relationship and are not married or registered in a domestic partnership with anyone apart from their domestic partner.
  • Both of them should live together and have been continuously staying together.
  • They should reside in the City of St. Louis.
  • They should be each other’s sole domestic partner and have not terminated another domestic partnership in the last six months.
  • Both partners are mentally competent to contract.

When both of you are registered, you are likely to be guaranteed various benefits in the City of St. Louis, including visitation rights at hospitals, among others.

What Are The Requirements For Domestic Partnership In Missouri

Proof of a Domestic Partnership In Missouri

There are several scenarios where documentation or proof of a relationship might be required to determine eligibility for certain benefits of being in a domestic partnership. For instance, an employer might require proof for eligibility to enroll your significant other in benefits, or an insurance company might need documents for eligibility proof to give you health coverage.

To prove your domestic partnership, you may be asked to provide any one of the following:

  • State civil union license
  • State marriage license
  • State or municipal domestic partnership registration
  • A joint deed or a mortgage agreement showing shared ownership of a car
  • A driver’s license showing the same address
  • Proof of joint bank and credit card accounts
  • A designation of your partner as a primary life insurance plan beneficiary
  • A signed affidavit stating that both you and your partner share responsibility for necessities expenses, share the same permanent and regular residence, or are not blood relatives

Therefore, if you think you and your partner are qualified to share a health coverage plan, you might compare your options by putting the above into consideration.

Proof of A Domestic Partnership In Missouri

How To Register a Domestic Partnership

Generally, for you and your partner to register as domestic partners, you need to know the requirements of a domestic partnership for the registration process. 

To establish a domestic partnership, the registration process is quite simple. It involves the following steps:

  • Fill out an application form which you can get from your city.
  • Both partners must appear in person with evidence of identity, employment, and residence in the city.
  • Pay a registration fee and sign a Domestic Partnership Affidavit in front of a clerk or a Notary.

    From there, the affidavit may then state if you are qualified and provide the terms under which you must notify the clerk’s office if the partnership comes to termination.


    How To File Domestic Partnership In Missouri

    Suppose you are in a relationship and you need to file for a domestic partnership. In that case, you may need to complete and print out a domestic partnership form for an official declaration that you and your partner are each other’s only domestic partner, share expenses, and are both responsible for each other’s well being.


    How To Get a Domestic Partnership In Missouri

    To obtain a domestic partnership, a registration process is required. Both partners need to fill out an application form at the city clerk’s office and appear in person with proof of identity and other essential documents.

    How To Register A Domestic Partnership

    What Are the Benefits Of Domestic Partnership Missouri?

    Domestic partners may enjoy several benefits given to married couples. These benefits might include economic and non-economic benefits.

    There are various benefits granted to registered same-sex couples or opposite-sex couples. These benefits typically include health insurance, life insurance, death benefits, and parental rights. However, whether a couple qualifies for these benefits usually depends on the individual insurance company or the municipality in which they live.


    Contact a MO Family Law Attorney For More Info on Domestic Partnerships

    Many legal processes, requirements, and laws need to be followed for a domestic partnership to be legally recognized. Putting these considerations in mind will allow you and your partner to enjoy various benefits similar to those given to married couples. If you have additional questions or concerns, reach out to a reputable family law attorney at Masterson Law today.

    What Are The Benefits Of Domestic Partnership Missouri